Amphibious Trilogies


Date: 01.08.2016 > 01.08.2019
Leader: Amanda Steggell
Funding: Norwegian Artistic Research Progamme (NARP)
Themes: Island ↔ Pond ↔ Passage
Project character: Basic research


AMPHIBIOUS TRILOGIES, led by Amanda Steggell, Professor of Choreography, Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHiO), is a close collaboration with Andrew Morrison, Director of the Centre for Design Research, Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO) and Hans-Jørgen Wallin Weihe, Professor of Social work, Lillehammer University College (HiL). The collaboration is based on mutual interests in littoral landscapes as situated sites of research, a drive to build bridges between established and experimental artistic and scientific modes of inquiry, and to develop new modes of conveying research to both targeted and wide spreading publics.

In addition to the three partners is dance artist Brynjar Bandlien who is the first research fellow to be officially connected to a NARP project. While it is common that research students may be recruited to take part in institutional research projects, from the perspective of artistic research in Norway this is a big breakthrough.

Reorganising methods

AMPHIBIOUS TRILOGIES encompasses a medley or mixed creative research techniques and methods known, practised, performed and published by the team. It draws these from the performance related and choreography in particular, from interdisciplinary design and digital media/arts and interaction, and from sociology and related approaches to qualitative inquiry. Activities are coordinated from within a journey-based choreographic strategy of oscillating encounters, interactions, experiments, iterations and reflection. We are travelling to an array of littoral spaces, and through experimental field works explore how methods and approaches may be defined, mingle and become reorganised under varying conditions. The proposed journeys and destinations correlate to the three themes  (Island, Pond, Passage) and are extensions of the participants’ existing networks.


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