Amphibious Trilogies

Island 1. Video 10 – 16

Fieldwork documentation

Island 1, Fourni Island, Greece, Sep 2016
Amanda Steggell, Brynjar Åbel Bandlien
Island ∼ Life 

Double role approach: artist / co-worker (apprentice)

    • Volunteer to work out on a traditional fishing boat
    • Do ‘real’ fishing tasks, while paying attention to the self-given fieldwork tasks. (Such as surveying the lay of the land the water, learning about island life tactually and through conversation. Keeping senses sharp to take in the surround).
    • Documentation: Handheld, iPhone 6+


Janis pulls up the net from the bow of the boat. He says that in total there is 800 m of net.


Miltos, captain, owner of the boat and a seafood restaurant, receives the net from the stern.


Georges helps to untangle the catch from the yellow nets – fish, crab, lobster, eel, octopus, squid.


Location data

Fournoi Korseon, more commonly simply Fournoi, is a complex or archipelago of small Greek islands that lie between Ikaria, Samos and Patmos in Ikaria regional unit, North Aegean region.  – Wikipedia

Area: 10 km²
Area code: 22750
Administrative region: North Aegean



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