Amphibious Trilogies


Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHiO)
1-29 April 2019
Conceptualised by Brynjar Åbel Bandlien with project partners

Imagine that you are a passenger on an cargo vessel across the Northern Sea route from northern Europe to north east Asia. About 3 weeks you will probably encounter extreme weather, turbulence and periods of calmness. Port calls and duration are always subject to cargo priorities, and so, its not always possible to go ashore in every port.

We have been planning a physical voyage like this (on theme PASSAGE), without results. To fill the void, Brynjar proposes an alternative. He conceptualises a ‘container’ ship, situated in a big black box theatre at KHiO. We fill this massive space with various activities; some known before, some planned on the ‘journey’ and ad hoc others.

We start in darkness. Lights on. Find a ladder. Hang big letters on a wall, proclaiming AMPHIBIOUSNESS, reminds us about working together; trilogies + transdisciplinary; artistic research through movements.

Put up a game camera to document the movements of people and things.

Mostly the door is open, people can come and go. We need to know how we can communicate the project to different groups and individuals. The working space seems informal, but that’s not right. Its about flexibility. As such, we plan activities and we are open to ad hoc activities. Main activities; sharing dancing practices (Brynjar) and focus on project work (team members).

Shared dancing practices as connected to the Amphibious Trilogies project,
such as the practice of Tai chi tai chi and enact the Dance of Evolution. SKILLZ breakdance group from Grorud, suburban Oslo. Reflections on amphibiousness; to be able to thrive in several cultures, identities and territories, dancing as therapeutic activity.

Focus on project work
Spatialising, shaping, generating; themes (island, pond, passage), topics, categories, plans for action, moving around big round tables.

Web-linked seminar on the new dynamic website in development, should bring all elements of the project together. First presentation by Boris Kourtoukov (Master student in design, Oslo School of Architecture and Design, AHO) web developer. We see potential usages/enactments when projecting the interface on a big screen.


Click & Drag: Rotate the view.
Right Click & Drag: Pan the view.