Amphibious Trilogies

Live mapping from memory 2018

When Everybody is a Librarian, The Library is Everywhere.
– Michelle Teran, 2018.

Live mapping from memory, by Amanda Steggell, she enacts a cartography of the emergence of Norwegian Media Art. Commissioned by the curator, Michelle Teran of The Temporary Laboratory; an exhibition and event series accompanying the project The Temporary Library of Norwegian Media Art. Galleri KIT, March 12-25, 2018, during the Meta.Morf  2018 Festival, Trondheim, Norway.

On a blackboard (3×2 metres) painted on a wall, Amanda has two hours to map out, from memory, her version of the emergence of Norwegian Media Art. She begins at the bottom with Arne Nordheim’s Forbindelser for fem byer (1975) and stops at the top with the establishment of PNEK (Production network for electronic art in Norway) in 2007. She struggles. The chalk dances across the uneven surface of the wall.

With time running out, Amanda asks spectators to assist her. Some come with techniques for chalking on walls. Others contribute to the map, filling gaps that she has left out with their subjective views, adding new nodes, events and connections. A collective amphibious landscape opens up. A virtual hidden community. A choreo-topography of sorts.


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