Amphibious Trilogies

Pond 1. Video 1

Fieldwork documentation

Pond 1, Lindøya, Oslo
Hans-Jørgen Wallin Weihe, Brynjar Åbel Bandlien
∼  Traveling towards Lindøya on Vaaghals

Point of view method for cutting the surround perpendicularly

  • Head out in a boat, in this case Vaaghals, a renaissance reconstruction of  a Viking boat.
  • Strap a POV camera onto the hull.
  • Turn the camera on.
    – Forget the camera, examine your catch later.

Location data

Lindøya is a small island located in the Oslofjord, just south of central Oslo.  In 1920, Lindøya was the Oslo base for the pioneer Norwegian airline, Det Norske Luftfarts rederi, and its seaplanes. The operation only lasted until the autumn of 1920. When regular seaplane routes were again established in 1927, the operation was moved to neighbouring Gressholmen. – Wikipedia

Area: 0.410 km²
Area code: 0150
Administrative borough: Gamle Oslo (Old Oslo)


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