Amphibious Trilogies

Related enactments

Our approach to extended choreography was also informed by prior art and art research practice. Principally this was drawn from the work of Amanda Steggell (and her creative partners) in works that engaged with movement, design, technology, physical and site settings and environments, situated in context and culture. 

In The 8th Sister investigated practical and contextual underwater sculpture relating to an echo-sound display. Its extended choreography encompassed transformations of depth to surface from 3D to a flat 2D.

The notion of an extended choreography was investigated in the work Desert Walker through the field of land art in the performance of an act of endurance, following Samuel Beckett, in the setting of the vast Salt Playa Utah, USA. As an extended choreography this work explored notions of scale, instance and virtuality, with the only lasting trace hovering over the salt flats for over 12 hours, leaving a retinal image of the playa and a small black square.

Electromagnetic Fountain sought to investigate electromagnetic waves and wireless communication in the form of a mobile fountain, for in or outside use in urban settings, with public kinetic behaviours in playing with proximity to its antenna and embedded devices. As public art and embodied participation, this work extended spaces and devices between staging and moving.

Energy Bank was designed for random passers-by and city dwellers. The bank is a dispenser of electricity drawn from the kinetic muscle power of the energy of users to power mobile devices, with moving parts generating ideas as much as ‘currency’.

If I was the Ocean probed life on the sea shelf, to create ‘current’ links  to scientific and cultural temporal identities, to probe life and memories of the sea. Extended choreography included connecting a museum to the sea through a variety of mediational activities. These were cast and enacted to provide a reflexive space for mingling views and experiences on maritime culture and to promote discussion on the uses of the sea and coasts.


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