Amphibious Trilogies

If I were The Ocean 2016

… an outreaching working exhibition, initiated by CURRENTLY in cooperation with the Norwegian Maritime Museum and Kystlaget Viken, supported by  Arts Council Norway, Fund for Performing Artists and Oslo Municipality.

IF I WERE THE OCEAN, curated by Amanda Steggell, is an art project that investigates life on a shelf sea. It aspires to create a contemporary connection to the sea that refers to its scientific and cultural past, present and future. The title underpins this intention, prompting audiences and artists to probe and share their experiences and memories of the sea.

The project was exhibited at The Museum, Bygdøynes, Oslo from 10-14 AUGUST 2016.

Drawing on CURRENTLY’s ongoing projects we aim to activate the space that connects the museum building to the sea with an array of drop-in workshops, pop-up performances, excursions and lectures for all ages. Through these activities we hope to open up a reflexive space where new experiences and thoughts of the sea mingle, inspiring new approaches to maritime culture in Oslo and usages of the sea – and an awareness of the challenges that face all coastal regions today.

The CURRENTLY team live mainly in Oslo and Liverpool (uk) and are makers, hand crafters, researchers, writers, choreographers,  and visual-, sonic-, and dance artists. Some live aboard the water. Some have experience of collaborating with marine researchers and/or harvesting data from marine research. Others use maritime data as part of their everyday lives, and some are overshadowed by their hometown’s dependence on the sea.

They are:
Karen Eide Bøen, Ross Dalziel, Hroar Hesselberg, Christopher Hinchcliffe, Pernille Holden, Solveig Styve Holte, Ann-Christin Berg Kongsness, Adrian McEwen, Roza Moshtaghi, Gemma May Lathan, Shi Pratt, Marte Reithaug Sterud, Simen Korsmo Robertsen, Amanda Steggell, Elisabeth Weihe and Hans-Jørgen Wallin Weihe.

Each brings one or more projects with them, which they will continue to work on throughout the exhibition – from DIY electronic tidal water sensing installations, to the assembling of a porpoise skeleton, performing monuments, salt crystal covered seascape photographs, painting shadows with water, sea soap cooking, harbour foxtrotting, lectures on virtual reality and real reality, boat excursions, walks and talks – and more.

Engaging and cooperating with established maritime and organisations and societies, bringing their knowledge together, finding their meeting points and where they head off in different directions, is a valuable resource for CURRENTLY. What this, and other unforeseen meetings and conditions will generate is what makes IF I WERE THE OCEAN so engaging. With so many resource people and ogranisations  gathered to share experiences and thoughts of the rich, wet and salty element that surrounds us, IF I WERE THE OCEAN is the summer’s big opportunity to expand the horizon in all directions.


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