Amphibious Trilogies

The 8th Sister – An exercise into the depths of Freudian perception, 2005

The 8th Sister is a site specific underwater sculpture for viewing via echosounder. It’s target audiences were sea farers, fishers, local inhabitants and tourists. It is located under the sea on the arctic circle close to Husøy, Træna, 50 km off the coast of Helgeland, Norway.

See the project video here.

Artist statement

If you have to attend to the mere surface of the incident, the reality … the reality I tell you, it fades.

The 8th Sister is an art project that investigates the practical and contextual implications of creating an underwater sculpture in which its “true” form is manifested as an image on an ultrasound/echosounder display. Most people today are familiar with 3D, and comprehend 3D as representations in a two-dimensional form (on a screen) in computer games and as animations on TV and in films.

The 8th Sister poses questions with the general acceptance of this type of reality rendering in that the actual process transforms depth to surface – from 3D to a flat 2D.

The manifestation of the naked woman on an ultrasound screen can evoke deep speculations of the sculpture’s actual physical form, while offering a cheeky, humorous and mystic resonance of clumsy pin-up posters that have flavoured male dominated workplaces.

The sculpture derives its name from the local Nordic legend of the Seven Sisters mountain range of Helgeland, visible when weather permits from Træna. Eight sisters, bathing in the sea were hunted down by a horny horseman. Seven rushed to the shore, and as the legend would have it, were turned to stone, just in the nick of time! The eighth swam out to sea, and was never seen again.

She measured approximately 10 x 3 x 3 m. A commemorative stone plaque was placed at her feet. The process was documented by video, and followed up with video interviews gathering impressions and interpretations of the work from the people of Husøy.

The 8th Sister was constructed of 12.500 m of silver ribbon, cut up into varying lengths, each tied to 5000 one Kroner coins to anchor them down. Volunteers from Neptune Sports Diving Club placed bundles of ribbons and coins on the sea bed according to a chart based on the contours of a reclining naked woman.

. . . . . . . . . .

Initiated and produced by Motherboard/Per Platou and Amanda Steggell in collaboration with Annesofie Norn, Neptune Sports, Diving Club and the people of Husøy, Træna
Co-producer in Træna: Erlend Mogård-Larsen
Funded by: Arts Council Norway and Træna Municipality.


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