Amphibious Trilogies

Desert Walker 2008

Desert Walker is a performance of a conceptual expanded choreography, produced by Motherboard (Per Platou / Amanda Steggell).

Location: Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, USA
Date: 17th April 2008
Duration: Approx. 12 hours
Target audience: Virtually nobody
Co-directors: Amanda Steggell and Per Platou
Choreography: Amanda Steggell
Desert Walkers: Leon Cullinane, Håkon Gundersen, Saila Hyttenin and Kristine Øren
Documentation: Per Platou, Amanda Steggell and Annesofie Norn. See excerpts of the project video here and here.
Assisted by: CLUI (Center for Land Use Interpretation), Wendover Airport and Steve Durtschi (pilot)
Funded by: Arts Council Norway

Desert Walker relates to the field of choreography as land art relates to the visual arts. Or does it? That is the question this project set out to investigate.

On a stage that stretches beyond human vision, where the weather can shift faster than the blink of an eye, four solo walkers performed an act of endurance, simultaneously and in silence – a serial choreography based on the choreographic score of Samuel Beckett’s TV drama “Quad” (1981). Taken off the screen and re-enacted on the vast Salt Playa, the performance zone was stretched from a square of 6 x 6 m to 600 x 600 m (1:100).

The performance occurred only once, unannounced and on a such scale and duration that spectating became a virtual impossibility. To witness the performance in its entirety would require hovering over the salt flats for a period of 12 hours. The question that arises is what’s left once the walking’s over? Below is a possible response; traces of footsteps on the Salt Playa and traces on a GPS device and delivered in realtime on Google Maps.


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