Amphibious Trilogies

Connecting choreography and movement words

As part of the Master’s course in Choreography at The Oslo National Academy of Dance (KHiO), in May and June 2020 Amanda Steggell involved students in online workshops that centred on connecting choreography and movement words. 

The aim of these workshops was to support students’ sense of connected learning in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic and a sense of alienation for dancers and choreographers who were required to maintaining ‘social distance’ and to develop their project work in isolation as opposed to ‘normal’ conditions of performance and participation. This took the form of three workshops.

In the first workshop called Moving Words, we focused on project descriptions using moving verbs. We assembled in ZOOM, with paper and pen at hand. We discussed social distancing as an extended choreography, and to cope with it. How the current situation might influence the masters projects and world views. As we were working with moving words, we mentioned that language and rhetoric are central factors in the governmental approach to handling the corona crisis. New words were added. 

The second workshop took up the material called BALLUSION from the FUEL4DESIGN  project to the use of words and metaphors in shaping concepts in master’s projects. BALLUSION aims to engage students to look ‘more closely at the role of words, language and metaphor in your design project, big or small, and its relation to futures. BALLUSION is a made up word to create a design futures metaphor. It conjoins Balloon and Illusion. The future may be inflated, or expanded. The future may be a faction or an illusion. It may be a mix of these.’

For the third workshop we took up work that began in the previous years on OCTOPA. This time the focus was on using design futures words and language and movement vocabularies to engage with the persona of OCTOPA.


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