Amphibious Trilogies

Language and Movement

Our work into language and movement is an outcome of collaboration between Amphibious Trilogies and the FUEL4DESIGN project headed by AHO in Oslo and funded by the ERASMUS+ Programme. 

We co-developed a Unit in FUEL4DESIGN called FUTURES DESIGN & MOVEMENT. Our aim was to develop and publish resources for masters students in design (including choreography) as part of our shared practices and research in building a developmental, exploratory resource on  shaping futures literacies as and by design. In this Unit we wanted to provide a set of activities to link language futures and ways of exploring movement in the world.

We began by drawing up a set of FUTURES DESIGN MOVEMENT WORDS, arranged alphabetically. This was primed by previous work together on developing the 50 FUTURES DESIGN WORDS (Words only) and 50 FUTURES DESIGN WORDS (with definitions). Those under the section of the Design Futures Lexicon work package of the FUEL4DESIGN project called ESSENTIALS.

We arrived at c 350 words, drawn from the Amphibious Trilogies website and master’s student in choreography at The Oslo National Academy of Dance (KHiO) to form the list of FUTURES DESIGN MOVEMENT WORDS.

The following activities were then developed for choreography master’s students:

1 Working with Futures Movement Words
Students were asked to apply 10 selected keywords in the form the FUTURES DESIGN MOVEMENT WORDS to their futures design project

2 Moving Futures with Words
Here students were asked to focus on actions, pace and happenings in futures design world building.

3 Prompts to Writing Time and Movement Scenarios
This activity included making instructions for other students to engage with time, space and kinetic words to realise a future scenario on 2050 climate change and environment.

Overall, these activities and the set of online units and devices forms part of a wider set of digital resources to support shaping understanding of movement in the world, in the sense of an extended choreographic discourse driven and informed by movement and its transdisciplinary linkages to work on language, literacies and narrative. The focus on these words and movement also applies in the development of the futures persona OCTOPA. More specifically, language and movement are enacted within the design and activities of OCTOPA’s JOURNEY.


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