Amphibious Trilogies

Project team

The project is led by Amanda Steggell, Professor of Choreography, Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHiO) in collaboration with Professor Andrew Morrison, Director of the Centre for Design Research, Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO), Hans-Jørgen Wallin Weihe, Professor of Social Work, Inland University of Applied Sciences (INN) Lillehammer, and Brynjar Åbel Bandlien, Phd student at the Academy of Dance, KHiO. It is financed by the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme (NARP).

Amanda Steggell


Professor of Choreography
Oslo National Academy of the Arts

Prof. Steggell works within a broad view on choreography, a mix of art and everyday life. Amphibious in character, collaborative and performative in practice, her research in choreography extends into many artistic, cultural and scientific areas. She has held positions in performance, media art and electronic art at Bergen Academy of Art and Design (BHiO) and University of Dance and Circus, Stockholm (DOCH) and has supervised and examined practice-based research projects. Amanda contributes to research initiatives, such as YOUrban and FUEL4DESIGN hosted by Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO). She has been an advisor to Norwegian Council, Arts Council Norway, Austrian Programme for Arts-based Research, and more. Most recently, a board member of Anticipation 2019 Conference, hosted by AHO and the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme (NARP/DIKU).

Amanda has extensive experience of working as choreographer, curator and producer in  non-institutional settings, and in many environments, contexts and countries, such as international participatory projects Motherboard (live art, 1996-2008) and Currently (marine-based arts collective, 2012-16). She has published in a wide range of journals, books and online on topics such as performative practices, dance and technology and networked and synaesthetic live art.

Amanda is the leader of Amphibious Trilogies. She organises the project’s journey through an extended choreographic strategy.

Brynjar Åbel Bandlien

Associate Professor of dance
University of Stavanger.

Brynjar Åbel Bandlien is a dancer and a facilitator of situations for dance with 30 years of experience. His role in Amphibious Trilogies was to follow the artistic research processes of the three fieldworks Island, Pond and Passage from the inside, and to look for the movements and dance in Amanda Steggell’s project. During these three years Bandlien developed the performative practice of recurrences as part of his PhD at Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHiO). With this project he found recurring elements in working with algorithms as an inspiration for dance as Steggell had done 25 years earlier in Marys Love Bytes (1995). Bandlien presented his PhD work Dancing Recurrences at Henie Onstad Kunstsenter in 2019 and had his public defence at KHiO in 2020. He has contributed with dances, texts and drawings to Amphibious Trilogies.

Andrew Morrison

Director of the Centre for Design Research
Oslo School of Architecture and Design

He works within and across many fields of design, as well as in urbanism and landscape. He works on design writing, fiction and criticism, and design and technology critiques, alongside design education and scholarly communication. Andrew has coordinated the AHO PhD School, has supervised and examined widely on practice based design research. Prominent projects include YOUrban and FUEL4DESIGN and the AHO Research Review 2014-2017. Recent books are Inside Multimodal Composition (2010) and Exploring Digital Design (2010). Andrew was co-chair of the Design + Power NORDES 2017, a member of Anticipation 2017 Conference and chair of Anticipation 2019 Conference hosted by AHO. His more recent work engages in design fiction, futures literacies and speculative inquiry and modes of mediating trans-disciplinary research and mixed methods.

In Amphibious Trilogies Andrew has amphibiously contributed views and content on narrative, futures, fiction, research practice and critical reflection. He has worked closely with Amanda Steggell on conceptualising the project, its website and its mediated, distributive discourses. As a writer, editor and educator, Andrew has been motivated to work with the project team and its contexts to find ways to articulate the performative and the prosessural in articulating an extended choreography. Andrew has been involved in digital arts, media and design projects and research over the past 30 years and draws on their shared meaning in participating in Amphibious Trilogies.

Hans-Jørgen Wallin Weihe

Professor of Social Work
University College Lillehammer

Professor of history
University of Stavanger

Educated as Fildr from the University of Lund for a thesis on Sami and Greenlandic conditions, he defended his doctoral thesis on the history of the European “discovery” and colonisation of the Nicobar Islands. He is the author of dozens of books and two exhibitions on the topic of the history of everyday life, social issues, interaction and confrontation between traditional and modern cultures, memory and identity.

He has Field Experience and studies in many countries, and has worked with the ideas of non-anthropocentric cultures. He has a special interest in what might be called the marginalised, or groups that may be excluded from art.

Bastien Kerspern

Interaction Designer

Bastien Kerspern is an interaction designer by training and the co-founder of design studios Casus Ludi and Design Friction, both based in France. Bastien builds experiences, tools and formats helping in identifying, understanding and anticipating problems or controversies. To do so, he designs games and fictions that are working as vectors for the mediation of complexity and uncertainty. Bastien is also an international speaker (TEDx, Interaction Conference, Anticipation Conference) and a visiting lecturer for arts and design universities as well as business and management schools all across Europe (Audencia, L’École de Design Nantes Atlantique, Umea Institute of Design, Oslo School of Architecture and Design).

For the Amphibious Trilogies project, Bastien has been designing “Octopa’s Journey” a playful narrative experience. “Octopa’s Journey” has been thought as the digital alter ego of the eponymous workshop tool.

Inspired by the stories of the AT expeditions along the Northern Sea Routes, Bastien has imagined a series of speculative short fictions in which the player partners up with Octopa. This unexpected journey offers the player to shape the futures of the Arctic region, as well as her or his creative practice.

Palak Dudani

Designer Researcher
Oslo School of Architecture and Design

Palak Dudani is a designer researcher with an interest in culture, social systems and future of urban life. She has supported the Amphibious Trilogies project as a designer researcher and project coordinator. She holds a Master’s In Design from Oslo School of Architecture and Design, specialising in systems oriented design and service design. She’s a recipient of AIF Clinton Fellowship and has previously worked with humanitarian aid organisations and startups on projects within healthcare, employability and education sector. At present, she’s working on Fuel4Design Erasmus + project at Oslo School of Architecture and Design.


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