Amphibious Trilogies

OCTOPA’s Journey

You may already have encountered OCTOPA elsewhere in this site. She is an active member of the project, though to be frank, rather self invited! OCTOPA is presented in two forms. There is a physical Toolkit and here you will find a digital one. Called OCTOPA’S JOURNEY.

WELCOME ABOARD a collaborative venture from Amphibious Trilogies under its theme ‘Passage’.


This part of the project has been developed in close collaboration between Andrew Morrison and Amanda Steggell in particular, within inputs from the project team in prior workshops. Our collaboration has been a rich one through close work with Bastien Kerspern from Design Friction in France and his colleagues, Tiphaine Hardy and Pierre Chabiland. Bastien has brought his marvellous sense of surrealist, situationist game logics to this interactive part of the project.

We hope you will enjoy experiencing the dynamics of OCTOPA’S JOURNEY as a form of extended choreography online. We also hope that it may prompt you to think about and perhaps look further into the massive and changing Northern Sea Route. It’s an expansive arena in which extended choreographies are being played out today inside the climate emergency and will continue to be tomorrow in futures that will be influenced by how we move and act now.

OCTOPA is able to travel through time and space, between sea, land and air, as well as to camouflage herself, invert her shape and reconfigure her appearance as need might and become. OCTOPA is especially interested in the ‘trans-kinetics of being’ a hybridised version of herself , transformed by the waste of human carelessness so that her abilities have been strangely heightened, a new monster of the Anthropocene, as it were. She is polymorphous and vigilant now. OCTOPA has special insights into the changing character of the arctic climate, lands, seas and skies – not to mention policies, expectation and powers.

Here you meet OCTOPA in all her wisdom, playfulness and irony. She drops you in and out of the vast Northern Sea Route. She offers you options based on future scenarios, complex presents and tangled histories. The options are connected to … movements! You will also see though that they are linked to vocabularies for shaping futures.


Click & Drag: Rotate the view.
Right Click & Drag: Pan the view.