Amphibious Trilogies

Impressions of Samos

Being in Samos was an impression of the great contrast between then tourist Samos and the harsh world of the razor wired fenced in area of refugees. At the same time the reality of the volunteers with all their competencies and lack of competencies, personal hierarchy  and rivalries contrasted to the complexity of the refugee community 

– some of whom being real refugees – some coming from other reasons – the male dominance – the female group and the children – then the workers, some of them working as part of a condition for social welfare benefits – some professionals of various professions and some dedicated to their work with humanistic motives and some into the work because of the income.  

During my period – a week – the camp was open – however I experienced the camp as a trap – ready to be closed down whenever demanded. Guns and razor wire a reality that could be used  whenever external forces required them to be used.

 There are many games and actors some of them puppets in a puppet theatre – some of them with independence and willingness to act outside of the scene and the theatre. Then the children always ready to attach themselves to humans and individuals who can give them some kind of humanity and learning experiences. They were like seeds ready to germinate if conditions were right – and vulnerable to draught and lack of fertile sound.

 The camp was a pond with amphibious beings – ready to move on and develop – and just as ready to succumb all possibilities if draught and human pollution would come. Predator fish could make the pond a trap – predator birds could make the pond a trap – and humans could pollute and make it into a deadly place.

 Around the pond a beautiful landscape – recreation and humanity with an invisible wall to the other reality.

Ladies all covered up – still undressed and vulnerable. Men behaving like dominating men- still controlled and subordinated a system of individuals and bureaucracy – undressed and blind to their vulnerability – still very much aware of their situation – then everyone giving their censored selected truth through mobile telephones to another reality somewhere some other place.


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