Amphibious Trilogies

Migrating birds of feather flock together

This short video records the colony of birds that settle on the tiny island of Hornøya, a 10 minute boat ride from the town of Vardø.

In springtime Seabirds return to Hornøya cliffs in thousands, many surviving a circumpolar journey on wings. They compete for the best breeding sites; Puffins, Brünnick`s Guillemot, Common Guillemot, Razorbill, European Shag and Kittiwake.

On approach, we hear the cacophonous birdy choir. Getting closer, we smell the stench of accumulated bird poo. Its feeding time. At the moment, we see birds coming back from the open sea with fish in mouths, throats and bellies. Some with heavy bellies have to swim around to digest some fish before they are able to clamber out of the water. Others are diving for fish. Some birds are standing close to the water, pushing other birds back into the water. It’s a territorial thing, a movement. All in all, a part of the choreography of life.


Click & Drag: Rotate the view.
Right Click & Drag: Pan the view.