Amphibious Trilogies

Island 1. Video #11

This post contains three items

1. Fieldwork documentation

Island 1, Fourni Island, Greece, Sep 2016
Amanda Steggell, Brynjar Åbel Bandlien
Island Life

Janis pulls up the net from the bow of the boat. He says that in total there is 800 m of net.

2. Double role approach: artist / co-worker (apprentice)

  • Volunteer to work out on a traditional fishing boat
  • Do ‘real’ fishing tasks, while paying attention to the self-given fieldwork tasks. (Such as surveying the lay of the land the water, learning about island life tactually and through conversation. Keeping senses sharp to take in the surround).
  • Documentation: Handheld, iPhone 6+

3. Location data

Fournoi Korseon, more commonly simply Fournoi, is a complex or archipelago of small Greek islands that lie between Ikaria, Samos and Patmos in Ikaria regional unit, North Aegean region.  – Wikipedia

Area: 10 km²
Area code: 22750
Administrative region: North Aegean


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