Amphibious Trilogies

Travelling with Serres

I’ve been visiting Hong Kong for the CUMULUS design research conference. Its a city that asks we daily consider the vibrancy and challenges of urban living. I’ve been seeing old friends and discussing the passing of time, the passage of our culturally diverse experiences and learning more about the energies and creativity of this magnificent city.

There are many routes, and levels, overlays and underpasses, passages within and between the routes and railings. Crossings, transits and transitions. People on the move and moving through their urban infrastructures, involved in the activities of their lives and work.

I see this iconic intersection and just stand and watch it, walking, people talking to one another, beside each other and on their mobiles, cars, signs, walkways, a multi-vectoral mesh of movement. Multi-kinesis.

No, the real is not cut up into regular patterns, it is sporadic, spaces and times with straits and passes. . . . Therefore I assume there are fluctuating tatters; I am looking for the passage among these compli­cated cuttings. I believe, I see that the state of things consists of islands sown in archipelagoes on the noisy, poorly-understood dis­order of the sea, . . . the emergence of sporadic rationalities that are not evidently nor easily linked. Passages exist, I know, I have drawn some of them in certain works using certain operators. . . . But I cannot generalize, obstructions are manifest and counter-examples abound.

Serres, M. (1980). Hermes V: Le Passage du Nord-Ouest. Paris: Minuit. pp. 23-24.


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