Amphibious Trilogies

I’m Octopa

I’m an itinerant, disruptive mobile member of the Amphibious Trilogies project. I belong and I diverge, I contribute and I evade. I’m a sentient non-human anomaly. I move between sea and land. I’m my physical, biological self, by birth. But I’ve been altered, by irruption and interruption, against my will, contaminated by plastics and bio-effluent.

You can read about me on the project theme called PASSAGE. You can follow my life and travels connected to the topic of the Northern Sea Route.

You can also connect with me as a device to explore extended and extending choreography. The project has developed a physical toolkits around my special qualities and properties.

You can also join me on OCTOPA’S JOURNEY. This is a online activity that involves you in considering connections between language and movement, dance and climate change, in the context of the Northern Sea Route. Why not join me?


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