Amphibious Trilogies

Getting somewhere #17

Day 17 on Prof. Molchanov
Monday 8 July 2019

Got up. Ate breakfast. Went back to bed. Skipped both lectures. Went on the roof. Did tai chi with Amanda. Ate lunch. Had a nap. Went on the bridge and drew the view from up there. Happy with the result. Looked for Amanda to show it to her. Couldn´t find her anywhere. Had another nap. At 4 PM there was the initiation for having crossed the polar circle. I skipped it. Instead I was working with Amanda in the laboratory.  We interview Natalia about how the trip is organized. She explained us how the trip is financed. I think we might be getting somewhere. At night: Birthday party. Karaoke. A lot to drink. People letting go on the dance floor.


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