Amphibious Trilogies

Barentsburg again #13

Day 13 on Prof. Molchanov
Thursday 4 July 2019

Got up (barely). Ate breakfast. At 09:00 a scientist from Barentsburg was supposed to come to give a power point presentation on the boat. There is no place to present the work there, so they bring it here. But the scientist comes late, and instead Amanda and I do tai chi on the top deck. When the scientist finally come she says that she is only an engineer and cannot answer any questions about the other research going on here. So, the landing also starts late. Once in B-burg, Amanda and I walk straight to the local brewery, but it is closed, so we go to the handicraft shop. There Amanda buys two gifts and gets one for free. A whale, a sea horse and a babooshka with coal in its bag for me. Afterwards we go to the canteen. The coffee is more expensive than last time and doesn´t taste as good. At the local shop I buy three Russian note books and some cards. I go back to the brewery and have a beer with Natalia. She speaks excellent Norwegian, and we get along very well. Amanda joins us eventually, and we all head back for the boat around 15:00. Before leaving, we film the archipelago in the distance by using the waterproof case from KHiO. Back on the ship I fall asleep for 1 ½ hour before dinner. In the evening I draw Amanda on the top deck. At night we drink wine and speak with Daniel and the swiss researcher kids. They say there will be a storm hitting tomorrow. I carefully store everything safely and close the window tight. Nite.


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