Amphibious Trilogies

Longyearbyen #12

Day 12 on Prof. Molchanov
Wednesday 4 July 2019

Got up. Ate breakfast. Went to Longyearbyen. Amanda and I hurried to the center of town in order to have time for a coffee and internet before the presentations at the University in Svalbard (UniS). It was quite unsuccessful. We walked in the wrong direction, grabbed a coffee at the bakery and didn´t even have time to check the internet properly before we ran to the UniS. Still, we ended up getting there too early. The others were 40 minutes late. In this waiting period, Amanda got to know the Norwegian delegation at UniS, I fixed my phone and had finally access to internet. When the others arrived, the presentations could start. After the people at UniS had shared their power point presentation, the crew from the Russian research team shared theirs powerpoint presentation. And then, after the usual ceremony of exchanging gifts was over, Amanda and I took off from the university and went up to Funken for lunch. Got to rant a bit about the other people on the boat. Got to share work. Got to give ourselves some mind space to think about our options. We called Andrew just to say hello and to let him know that we made it safely half way. On our way back down from the mountain we bought some wine and some batteries for the Game camera. After I sent my postcards it was time to leave for the boat. Back on board the showers and toilets were broken. Hopefully they will manage to have them fixed soon. Sailed on to Barentsburg. PS: had a small gathering in our cabin at night: Daniel, Anja, Amelie, Amanda and I. It got late.


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