Amphibious Trilogies

Pyramiden #11

Day 11 on Prof. Molchanov
Tuesday 2 July 2019

Got up. Pancakes for breakfast. Managed to speak with Amanda after. Went to check on Game Camera, but the imagery is too beautiful to interrupt the time-lapse. Mountains. Snowy peaks. Afterwards I found out that the batteries were dead and we haven´t got any pictures since Ny Ålesund. It started to rain, but there is sunlight in the distance. Filmed Alexander, the anchorman, dropping it on the front deck. Half-way through the landing the waves got too big, and only half of the team made it to Pyramiden. We were greeted there by people with guns. We got on a bus that took us from the port to the entrance of the city. We walked through with a cautious eye looking for polar bears in the surroundings. Inside the festsal it looked run-down but beautiful in an Ostalgic way. We saw the main street, the cinema, the gym, the swimming pool and the post office/café. There the card terminal didn´t work, and they only accepted Norwegian kroner, so I ended up paying coffee and beer for everyone. Got a little popular. Upon the return in the afternoon, the waves had calmed a little and some of the researchers who hadn´t been able to go in earlier, got to go to Pyramiden and take samples. Tomorrow we are going to Longyearbyen. Wifi and good coffee. Here we come! 😉


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