Amphibious Trilogies

Ny Ålesund #10

Day 10 on Prof. Molchanov
Monday 1 July 2019

Got up. Ate breakfast. Got ready to go into Ny Ålesund. The waves were too big to be as many in the dingy as planned. Amanda and I got on the second dingy. Once ashore, we had to wait an hour in the wind at the main street of Ny Ålesund. There are only scientific centers there. No cafes. Amanda got a bit annoyed by the Russians way of communicating. They are not very polite. I asked her to stick with me and float above it all. We had a bit of fun looking for polar bears with Amanda´s binoculars when I instead caught the sight of Geir, a Norwegian polar researcher and the representative from the King´s Bay research center, who was coming to meet us. I spoke a few words with him in Norwegian and then I pointed to Alexander. After everybody had arrived, we went to the new conference hall where Geir took us through the science center history, function and purpose. Then his colleague took over and explained a bit more about the station and that only last Tuesday that he had to use his gun to scare away a polar bear from just the other side of the road. There was also a third researcher by the name of Svein-Harald who filled us in. After the lecture, we were pointed in the direction of the souvenir shop and the museum. At 16:30 the dingy took us back to the boat. Shower. Nap. Dinner. Ready to go to Pyramiden tomorrow. Nite.


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