Amphibious Trilogies

Barentsburg #9

Day 9 on Prof. Molchanov
Sunday 30 June 2019

Got up. Ate breakfast. Ready at 9:00. Waited two hours before going to Barentsburg. We were transported in dingies from the ship in six separate rides. The waves were quite big and we all got wet. Got cold waiting for the others. We went up to the canteen to have a coffee. Once everybody arrived, we all went to the Russian General Consulate to apply for reentry visa to Russia. The consulate was very kitchy decorated with fountains, golden chandeliers, and a big, woven, communist-style tapestry. In front of the tapestry the general consul greeted us and gave a speech. Afterwards we took a picture. Then we hang out in the lobby, playing the piano and dancing the Madison while waiting for the guided tour to start. An hour later the guide arrived, and we were taken for a walki-talkie through Barentsburg by a fairly young, surfer-dude giving us half-truths about past, present and future of Barentsburg. He took us to the local post office where he opened a bit up to Amanda and me about his life there; the cost of living and his prospects for a future in tourism. Afterwards we went to the museum and got a tour of history, biology, archeology, geology, art and pop culture (a collection of fluffy polar teddy bears). Soon it was time to get back to the ship. Amanda and I went straight to the sauna. After dinner there was a new meeting about next days trip to Ny Ålesund. We got a lot of beautiful images from the game camera. Beat! Fell asleep at 23:00.


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