Amphibious Trilogies

Dancing on the ceiling #8

Day 8 on Prof. Molchanov
Saturday 29 June 2019

Got up at 08:00. Ate breakfast. Went to the lectures. Afterwards there was an announcement of whales. Amanda and I went on the deck and with her binoculars we could see at the horizon a family of whales. Maybe as many as 6 or 7 whales. They were playing in the surface of the water, rolling, arching, spewing the water from their breathing holes at their backs and flipping their finned tales. It was magestical. It was a meditation. I could watch them forever. Afterwards I checked on the game camera on top deck. No new photos. I reconfigured it, hanged it back up and checked upon it again after an hour. Still no photos. Amanda and I tried different configurations. We tried to hang it back up, waited one hour, and finally it works. Now it takes one photo per minute. Two more lectures. After the last one I gathered all that wanted to join me on the top deck for The Dance of Evolution. We warmed up a little while waiting for all to join, and finally Amelie, who had her 27th birthday, came. We were maybe all together 20 people. I taught them the score, and then we did it. It was quite fun. At the end the captain blew the horn and said that we made too much noise and that we had to get off of the deck. In the evening there was an information meeting about landing at Barentsburg tomorrow. Let´s just say I hope no one meets any polar bears…


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