Amphibious Trilogies

(re)-presenting #7

Day 7 on Prof. Molchanov
Friday 28 June 2019

Woke up for breakfast. Met Barbara who explained that Amanda had a terrible headache and that she was bringing her some coffee. After breakfast I went back to bed. Slept a couple of hours more. Around 12 I visited Amanda who was waking up. We went through the plan and got ready for the presentation. At 13:00 I went to Zgorito´s presentation. At 15:00 Amanda and I went down in the bar and prepared the room. We moved the screen and put up two bar stools. The setting was perfect. The presentation started by Amanda asking everybody to close their eyes and to listen. She conducted a listening score. Afterwards we introduced ourselves, the NARP and the project. Amanda spoke about Amphibious Trilogies, island, pond and passage. I spoke about Amphibiousness and dance in general. It started well, but then Zgorito asked a question in the middle which threw Amanda off. Slowly the presentation slipped out of the planned form. We tried to pull it back in again, according to the plan, only partly succeeding. In the end there were some interesting questions, and we answered them as best we could. After the presentation we were interviewed by Natalia, and interview that later the same night we had to re-write completely. After I joined Amelie and two of the other researchers talking in the hall-way, and at 12:00 it was Amelie´s 27th birthday. This ended up to be a party at the bar with Vodka, Whiskey and foods and guitar playing until 4 AM. I went to bed around 2 AM.


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