Amphibious Trilogies

Planning & partying #6

Day 6 on Prof. Molchanov
Thursday 27 June 2019

Got up late. Had a late breakfast. Amanda got up even later. I made her a sandwich. Went to the lectures. Had meeting with Amanda about tomorrows presentation. It went well. We could agree on this order: Amanda introduce herself. I introduce myself. I introduce Norwegian Artistic Research Program and Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Amanda introduce Amphibious Trilogies, Island, Pond and Passage, also the concept of expanded choreography. I speak about dance and introduce the concept of movement. I ask everyone to listen to the motion of the water and to illustrate it with their hand/arm. Then Amanda will speak of the future presentations of A.T. The end. Q & A. Done. PS: remember to wear logo t-shirts! PPS: Amanda and I got invited to a party in Dan(iel McGuinnes) cabin. Dan, Anna, Xenya, Amanda, Barbara and me. Drank 3 monkey Whiskey. Amanda went to bed. Played a game of What Happened In The Year Of… Barbara chose the year of 2003. Got late.


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