Amphibious Trilogies

4-6 meter waves #4

Day 4 on Prof. Molchanov
Saturday 25 June 2019

We have entered the Barents Sea, sailing north between the two cyclones, heading now for Svalbard. The waves are 2 meters high. Daniel McGinnis (the American leader of the swiss team) said that to the east and to the west the waves are 4 to 6 meters high. The rocking of the boat has had almost half of the crew seasick, but most of them are now starting to show up at breakfast again. Amanda and I have been ok. We went up on the deck to fix the camera. We changed the configuration for it to take a picture every three minutes. We strapped it back in the same place again. We tried to do some tai chi, but the waves were too big for us to be able to do it properly. We attend all the lectures, the interesting ones and the boring ones. We made a visit to the bridge, politely asking if we could sit up there for a while. I wrote a passage in my book and finished drawing the amphibousness logo: three waves; one for each module island, pond and passage, as seen through a “kuøye” of the boat. I drew it straight on two t-shirts. Finished reading my book. Fell asleep around 00:00.


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