Amphibious Trilogies

Logo #3

Day 3 on Prof. Molchanov
Saturday 24 June 2019

On the third day we still sail along the Russian Kola peninsula, but once we get far enough west, we will turn north and hopefully navigate between two cyclones that are caused by depressions on either side. There the passage will be less stormy. Amanda and I check on the Game Camera and find the results very satisfactory. We have now changed the configuration from every minute to every five minutes, and we also set it so that it take photos both night and day. I try and draw an amphibiousness logo for Amanda and I to have on our t-shirts. It is not so easy. It should resemble our project, and I guess island, pond and passage. Maybe a frog leaping across a littoral landscape? At the moment when I am writing this the boat has stopped for a while to let the swiss students take their water samples. It is a good moment to get some drawing done. I think I will do that now.


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