Amphibious Trilogies

Onboard #1

This is the first post entry in my daily log for the trip with the Russian research vessel Professor Molchanov from Archangelsk to Svalbard and back between 22 June-12 July 2019

Day 1 on Prof. Molchanov
Saturday 22 June 2019

On Saturday June 22 in 2019, Amanda Steggell and I board the Russian research vessel Professor Molchanov in Arkhangelsk heading for Svalbard together with 48 other scientists. There are scientists from Russia, China, Germany, Switzerland and France, and a crew of 10 members from Russia. I share cabin with a Russian microbiologist from the Russian Nuclear Institute in Moscow. His name is Zgorito Namsariev. The first thing Amanda and I do is to mount our Game Camera on the mast of the top deck of the boat. We set the camera to take a picture every minute. For the next three days we will sail north-west along the Russian coastline crossing the White Sea. There are daily lectures onboard by different professors on topics varying from oceanography, environmental changes in the arctic, the international laws concerning sovereign territories in the arctic sea, as well as trade and economic interests in the region. Meals are served in the canteen four times a day; breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner. No alcohol or cigarettes are allowed onboard, which it turns out is something that only Amanda and I respect. It is more a pro forma that the organizers put in place to not have the responsibility for drunk people falling over board. Well, well..


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