Amphibious Trilogies

On amphibious

In thinking, working, moving and making together and alone in the project we need and continue to need to work in a mix of means and methods, creative practices and emergent knowing.

Mixing the humanities and the social sciences. connecting across separate modes of making meaning.

Becoming, in short, amphibious. That is in mind and motion, in shaping concepts and practices and experiences of realising the artistic and creative critical practices and reflections of an extended choreography.

In working with amphibious as a concept we have also ventured into the notion and practice of amphibiousness along with reflections on its slipperiness. Central to this has been one of the main outcomes of the project, namely work on OCTOPA as a futures design fiction persona connected to extended choreography.

In 2020 and the context of climate change, movement and Covid-19 global pandemic, we developed further an online design fiction movement activity called OCTOPA’s JOURNEY. This activity invites engagement in working with the amphibious in looking at language and movement and questions of choice and change in the context of the project’s engagement with extended choreography and the Northern Sea Route.


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