Amphibious Trilogies

Passages of representation & technology

One of the galleries in the Arkhangelsk Regional Lore Museum is strikingly different representationally from those depicting earlier centuries. This space focuses on heroic accomplishments of the 20th century, emblazoned in a contemporary visual incantation of Soviet and Futurist representational forms.

Here we see the ‘march of progress’, technologically and socio-culturally framed in an integrated graphic and temporal-spatial set of displays.

We think of OCTOPA, as she flies across these epochs, shifting from water to land, and into the sky like airships over the plastered arched doorways of this gigantic brick built building. This space has new wooden floors perhaps from timber floated downriver from the vast interior.

How OCTOPA would have been amazed at the forceful push of technology in these waters and lands, in the air, across the open and seas and the icy bound expanses of winter. There too we see a magnificent display of an amphibious device, not a flying boat exactly, but a boat on skis!

A boat that flies across the surface, a passage of change and time, a transformative emblem of the futurists’ love of technology. Propelled above the gigantic Red Star of tangled utopian dreams and the very actual, hard, pragmatism of navigating and moving change in this amphibious climate.


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