Amphibious Trilogies

Tai chi before the storm

Day 17 of the Arctic Floating University Expedition
8 July 2019

We are somewhere on the last leg of the Barents sea. Brynjar suggests that we should take the opportunity to do Tai chi tai chi together before we enter the White Sea. A storm is brewing. We have to hurry up.

Brynjar is wearing a GoPro camera on his chest, just as we have done several times during Amphibious Trilogies in varying conditions and terrains. This is not a performance, per say. Rather, it enables us to capture the mood and motion of the surroundings from a moving body perspective, all be it by a technical apparatus. The top video still shows the angulated horizon as we are used to see it. The rest is conditioned by the motion of the boat as it meets the waves and wind. The ship is rocking, to and fro. We strive for a balancing point in these conditions.

We struggle to find a balance in the every changing conditions.

My fingers feel frozen. I have loaned a professional sailing jacket, too big for me. While I am so glad for this jacket, a wind factor comes in. The deck shifts from port to starboard.

Here am I, close to the end of the eight minute Tai chi session. The wind comes strongly in and the waves get bigger. The deck shifts from starboard to port. I follow Brynjar’s lead. I am able to stand upraised as the storm comes nearer. The deck shifts from port to starboard. The session is over. Still on the deck, we talked about how seabirds have hitchhiked, taking advantage of air currents produced as the ship shifts from starboard to port. Good speed, anticipating that there is something to eat from the dregs casted out from the vessel. And these seabirds, we both have been affected and influenced by them in our moves.

We shared the video to Barbara Schennerlein (historian, photographer, member of the German Society of Polar). She said the results are quite transcendental.

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