Amphibious Trilogies

Spinning top inverted

This is a curious city to one who is amphibious, now able to stand on my own two legs, on land and slither about too.

It appears first as a flatland, gritty sands and sliding up the concrete river banks and corniche, I see in the distance an enormous building. It’s nearly dusk so I am able to move undetected, propelling my self upwards into my running state looking down the streets as rapidly as I jump and step, prance on the river banks and take in the and then some high buildings, especially that tall concrete one with the antennae on top, rising out of the river planes.

It stands beside a most curious structure I see is a series of government office, shops and a gallery. Another concrete building. It seems almost frilly but I know that it is hard and pitted by this harsh climate. I crawl towards the rippled surfaces slowly, feeling my sense of direction adrift.

It is as if this tower at the centre of the city has changed my inner balance, channelling wireless communication, symbolising earlier centralism, now it seems like a giant GPS spinning top upended.

I feel dizzy, spun around in my transformed self, moving between times and ideologies all at once, city central, out of my depth. Air and concrete, invisible messaging and the shadow of a former monumental state now surging forward into nearby Arctic waters where it is Liquid Natural Gas, oil and coal and not timber that are the new currency.

I am carbon too in my own way, able to harden my form, infused with plastics that make this possible, in a world where this summer I am aqueous and pastorally riverine, ambulatory and urban.I cannot bear to think what these streets will be like in the depth of winter, shapes whitened out, brutal wind ripping at my suckers as I cling to the powdery concrete where no one sees me before i return the the beach at dark. Strangely this building looks and seems almost sandy to me, an amphibious structure on on its own, vertical and angular.

Tonight I will dance on the river’s beaches as the giant orb of the summer sun returns above the horizon and when the sleeping city turns and dreams as the day begins.


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