Amphibious Trilogies

What are amphibians?

Home in the water and home at land. Lives part of the life in water and part on land. Animals of humidity – some of them able to adapt to long periods on land and long periods in water. Still some of them climb in trees and bushes and some stay close to ground. Some can leap, some climb, and some can crawl and all can swim. None of them has wings and none has feathers and fur. Egg laying creatures and most of them lay eggs in jelly like substance in stagnant water.

Salamandra salamandra is a black salamander with orange yellow patterns, Triturus alpestris lighter, smaller with an orange underneath and a magnificent tail, Triturus vulgaris is more brownish, spotted and partly bluish at the bottom part of the tail, Triturus montandoni is more brownish, but still with a orange underneath and Triturus helveticus is fairly similar. Salamanders come in different sizes and colours. They are dragons of the past and love water. In fact, they depend on water for their eggs. The hatched eggs and tadpoles belong in water.

Toads and frogs look similar, but in fact, they live different lives. Toads can survive dry areas and some of them stay places frogs will never survive.  It exist a great variety Bombina bombina is red and black underneath and dark on top. If you look close, you will see spots like a leopard on top. Bombina variegate is rather similar but far more brown on top – nearly like chocolate and chocking yellow with black patterns underneath. Pelobates fuscus is light brown and Bufo bufo, the toad of the north is very darkish brown. Further south Bufo viridis is light greeyish with green patterns, Bufo calmatia sticks to the brownish, but the throat can blow up like a balloon and turn blue when it sounds. Hyla arborea is green and climbs in reed, bushes and trees.  It is also capable of blowing up the throat like a yellowish balloon when it makes sound. Rana temporaria is quitebrownish, Rana arvalis have a male that is blue, Rana dalamtia is a slimmer version of temporaria, Rana ridibunda has a yellowish stripe on top, Rana lessonae has a green male and darker female and Rana esculenta – the edible frog is more greenish.

All frogs and toads can be kissed, but be aware that toads can be slightly poisonous. If you take the risk and kiss a sufficient number, you will find a prince or a princess. Such is the tradition and according to history and folk tales, it is true.

Storks, and big birds, fish and foxes are enemies of amphibians and love to eat them. Amphibians eat others and such is life. But only humans dare to kiss them and only humans are bewitched to be frogs and toads.


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