Amphibious Trilogies

What ponds?

A pond is a body of water, but it is not a sea and neither a lake.  It is a body of stagnant water, but not a puddle. Ponds can come in different sizes and always surrounded by land. Still water might drain into a pond and it might drain out of a pond. Water is never completely without movement.  Evaporation and drainage will empty a pond. Streams, rain and groundwater will fill a pond.

For some creatures as well as other living beings, the pond is the world. For others it is a place of temporary stay and for some it is a necessity in a stage of life. Amphibious life needs the pond. The pond is part of the life cycle for frogs, toads and salamanders. Water is life for all of us. Plants, animals and humans all need water. The acknowledgment of water as part of life is an acknowledgement of what we share with other living beings.

Waterlilies, dragonflies and tadpoles belongs to the summer. Even in the winter, there is life on-, and within ice-covered ponds. The pond is the future and place of new life. It is a sacred place since ancient times for humans as well as other life. In the morning mist elves are dancing on the surface, in warm summers dragonflies dance and in the night bats will hunt for dancing moths.

As a metaphor, the pond can represent change and life, possibilities and the stagnant, the isolated and different, surrounded by another world, the sacred and bewitched and numerous other images.


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