Amphibious Trilogies

Thinking forwards

Today we present Aurora Imaginaris at the University of Oslo Arctic Day 2018: ‘Arctic Collaboration’. Curated by Grø Ween, the event covers a diversity of disciplines and connections. The Programme says that:

‘Collaboration creates new and innovative sources of knowledge production, they can bring innovation, new futures can emerge, and collaborations can also win prestigious grants. Working together may further provide reflections of to the political nature of knowledge, as well as insights into the ways different disciplines contribute to our understanding of the Arctic.’

What does this mean for Amphibious Trilogies. As an invited speaker Andrew Morrison, Institute of Design, The Oslo School of Architecture and Design, presents a talk entitled ‘Electronic installation art and interaction design investigating ways to think forwards from the work of Birkeland’.

In summary, Aurora Imaginaris is a collaborative electronic installation art and interaction design investigation into ways to think forwards from the work of Birkelund into conceptualising a new dynamic, choreographic volume of future oriented inquiry. It is a part of the Passage component of the Amphibious Trilogies project funded by the Norwegian Artistic Research Programe (NARP).

The presentation was a contribution to the third session of the day:

‘The Third session is an experimental multidisciplinary conversation involving four approaches to the Northern light, including space physics, Kristian Birkeland’s instruments, European approaches to Northern light and the use of Birkeland’s design in new interaction design.’


Click & Drag: Rotate the view.
Right Click & Drag: Pan the view.