Amphibious Trilogies

Conceptualising Aurora Imaginaris

Aurora Imaginaris is a sub-project we devised to look into ways to conceptualise and to think further about how an extended choreography might reach into the future. Our setting is the future Arctic, but working in that setting hopefully both provokes and promotes us as makers, audiences, analysts and actors to think more deeply about where our futures may be placed and how we may think about moving between today’s tomorrow’s and tomorrow’s todays. The Amphibious Trilogies project will investigate this new, future facing aurora

The title Aurora Imaginaris thus conveys these sentiments; it riffs off the well known aurora borealis or the ‘northern lights’ as popularly known and poses a material embodiment of a different phenomenon – less science, more art. A phenomenon not of the magnetic dance of the heavens, known in legend and literature and science, but an extended choreographic construction that is itself might magnetise us to arrest our linear and determinedly destructive movement in time in the here-and-now.

To be able to offer a different presence of a future space before our eyes, an actual material volume of another dimension, but one that is also an aurora of the imaginary. Not a dance but a distance to move. Not a choreography but a twist of time and state and perception. Not a science fiction filmic narrative, but an actual glowing phenomenon inside of our own immediate Arctic, an aurora that is imagined but also found.


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