Amphibious Trilogies

On the website

This experimental website is indebted to the interaction designer, Jon Olav Eikenes and website developer, Boris Kourtoukov. It’s all about emergent lines of flight, movements in the interface and movements in the world. An extended choreography of sorts.

As Jon Olav says in an interview with Andrew Morrison, ‘the use of movement in this interface is primarily connected to navigation – zooming, panning and “flying” around in the virtual interface space. As such the movement is very much directly connected to the user’s actions and follows common conventions for navigation in 3D space.’

This site includes material on mediation and documentation and research by movement. This website is also an example of a rhetoric of amphibiousness and its slipperiness.


Top menu
Left: Amphibious Trilogies (pink). The home button.
Middle: Trilogies. Posts corresponding to the three thematics – Island (yellow) Pond (green) Passage (blue) are highlighted.
Right. Icon with three horizontal strokes (pink), brings you to about the project.

Bottom menu
Left: List view. Performs several functions.
No selection: All posts.
Posts: Trilogies, categories and tags (location)

List view
When viewing the list view you will see a vertical band with colours: Pink (about and non-categorised); yellow (island); pond (green); and passage (blue).

Right: Reset button, pops up when you interact.


Entanglement: Be aware that there maybe multiple Trilogies and categories in one post.
Problem with videos: If the videos don’t play or stutter, click on the fullscreen icon.
All devices: Much like the weather, all devices do render the website in mysterious ways.


Click & Drag: Rotate the view.
Right Click & Drag: Pan the view.