Amphibious Trilogies

On artistic research

Amphibious Trilogies draws together an interdisciplinary team in the exploration of ways to understand the mergence of an extended choreography of its own workings as well as what such a field might mean and offer. Here we have assembled a medley or compendium of resources and materials we have consulted, included and been influenced by over the project’s life.

Many of these are drawn from the domain areas of Artistic Research and Choreography. In addition, writings, projects and works from Performance more broadly as well as other areas of creative expression such as Fiction are included.

The project is transdisciplinary in nature and construction, articulation and analysis, so it has also included research components from Design, Digital Media and areas within Social Sciences.

A compilation of related research and creative resources is provided here (add link to Compiled References)

This website includes a range of posts on Artistic Research. We outline some of the major concerns in conducting a project such as Amphibious Trilogies. We connect a set of core themes to our investigations of artistic inquiry in the field of an extended choreographic practice and its offerings back to Artistic Research. 

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