Amphibious Trilogies

On artistic research

The Amphibious Trilogies project is located within choreography but extends beyond its traditions of stage and dance performance to investigate movement in the world in a mode of artistic research. Importantly, in reflecting on matters of artistic research we view it as transdisciplinary in character, practice and analysis. This is realised through the project’s design, its partners and processes of working, making and critical reflection and communication. Ultimately, our focus is on research by movement.

The project is characterised by being a construction and exposition of liquid trilogies. Where these concern islands, ponds and passages, we approach these as in terms of their character, pattern, place and pace in relation to the concepts rhizome, nexus and vector.

Amphibious Trilogies draws together an interdisciplinary team in the exploration of ways to understand the emergence of an extended choreography of its own workings as well as what such a field might mean and offer. The website functions as a multimodal and kinetic means of mediation and documentation.

The project is transdisciplinary in nature and construction, articulation and analysis, so it has also included research components from Design and Digital Media including electronic and new media arts, disciplines in the Humanities (History, Rhetoric, Linguistics and Literary Studies) and areas within Social Sciences (Sociology, Social Work, and Qualitative Methods). For more on our approach see: On transductive methods in artistic research.

As part of this  we have assembled a medley or compendium of Amphibious Trilogies References (PDF), in print, from journals and books and about projects as well as online resources and mediated materials in an as the website. The webposts  also also refer to sources and settings we have consulted, included and been influenced by over the project’s life. Many of these references are drawn from the domain areas of Artistic Research and Choreography. In addition, writings, projects and works from Performance more broadly as well as other areas of creative expression such as Fiction are included.

For further information on the diverse ways in which we have communicated the project and to a variety of audiences, please see the section labelled Project Outcomes.


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