Amphibious Trilogies

An anticipatory aurora?

Part of the artistic research inquiry of Amphibious Trilogies is to work in arctic settings and to explore therein our key notions of island, pond and passage. This setting – central to changing conditions and discourses of climate change – bridges an earlier project at AHO into Arctic landscapes in a futures view. Called Future North, part of that project included prospective and speculative narrative elements in a dynamic, exploratory Digital Humanities frame.

In AT we have continued this prospective stance in our design-artistic inquiries. We include unnatural narrative in our project’s use of the persona OCTOPA. But we also stretched the speculative into thinking about the future, and of movement in an extended choreographic view, as being much about moving the imagination, that is via co-creative explorations of prospective connections between design fiction, installation art and extended choreography.

For us this is to cast Amphibious Trilogies within an anticipatory ontological frame and within acts of making future possibilities and prospective spaces for thinking into and through those very future venues and acts. How are we to imagine and to make tangible the dancing light of the future, that is its choreo-topographic dynamics as a potential space for dynamic and kinetic thought and action not prediction, as allure not particle physics. What might this even be, and how might one conceptually materialise a ‘volume’ of anticipatory perception inside our very own challenging times?

We begin with such ideas and thoughts and a wish to create an artistic epistemic artifact, to propel and to position extended choreography as a dynamics of co-creative thinking, in a work and for others to work. We will need to stretch beyond our comfort zones in coming to know aspects of working in an on the Arctic so as to find a mode of artistic expression suited to reaching past the important data and predictions of climate change. We will likely need to expand our team into the domain of electronic and installation arts where we have worked previously.

How might we co-create an anticipatory aurora? What sort of anticipatorially based artistic practice might we rehearse, invoke and evoke? And how might it be made performatively actual when it is not necessarily of the sky as the aurora borealis or ‘northern lights’?

Our aurora will need to suggest an amphibiousness, a shifting between states and limnalities, conveying an otherworldiness of its own, but one that we can see …. Where we might even be able to suggest that seeing in believing in a future where imagination is one of our most urgent resources.


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